At Onigele Academy it is our utmost joy to empower makeup artists and headgear enthusiasts with fundamental skills of tying head gears through creative and engaging training services.

We understand people learn at different pace, we put this into considerations when teaching.


Learn gele styling on the go…

If you’re looking to expand your headgear skill set and pursue a career in gele artistry, look no further.

we have been saddled with the responsibility to transform a basic scarf into a beautiful piece of art.

With our variety of courses and exceptional teaching techniques, Onigele online Academy is the place for you.

Offline class


Personal class is designed for headgear enthusiasts who wants to learn the art of tying and styling headgear (gele) on themselves.


                          BASIC CLASS:

for a new graduate of beauty school that want to learn the fundamentals of tying headgear. (personal or group classes)


our advance class is geared to professionals who already have basic tying skills and want to improve their headgear (gele) game. There are 3 different classes to choose from. (1 day brush-up class/1week or 3weeks) depending on individual pace of learning.


Learning is an investment, for every investment, there should be a return; we get to give out makeup and headgear jobs to participants that are dedicated and have proven to us with history of practices that they are capable of delivering..

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this is an extension of our headgear classes to other cities outside Lagos, to enable them to learn the procedures, techniques and required skill needed when styling headgears.

It is a platform created to encourage creativity amongst trainees and challenge them to think outside the box and create new styles of headgear.

The platform enables participant networks with other colleagues while engaging them with the art of headgear styling.

Student Follow up:

Because we know Every participant has a different pace of learning, It is essential we follow up with everybody after duration of class, every participant is given the opportunity to come for a 1day reevaluation class.

We also create an online community for all participants to interact with themselves and share information, opportunity, tips on makeup, headgears, and beauty that will benefit everybody and enable growth amongst themselves.


our themed masterclass (THE ULTIMATE GELE MASTERCLASS SERIES UGMS) come up yearly, it is a fun gathering of talented gele artist known around the country for their dexterity and quintessential delivery of gele designs.

The ultimate gele masterclass series is a platform for headgear lovers, headgear enthusiasts, makeup artist learn from professional headgear stylist on how they achieve their different techniques of tying their bespoke signature styles of gele.